ANSIS provides soil data and information to help create a more sustainable Australia. Credit: CSIRO/Stuart Walmsley.

ANSIS is the Australian National Soil Information System.

ANSIS will provide improved access to nationally consistent soil data and information needed to help sustainably manage Australian soil. 

ANSIS will provide: 

  • More soil data
    • More data sets available than in other soil systems
    • Enables more certainty in products developed
    • Opportunity to develop new products

  • Improved access
    • Multiple data sets now discoverable and accessible
  • National coverage
    • Most up to date data available
  • Efficient provision
    • Organised and standardised data for immediate use
    • Can feed into many use requirements
  • Consistent delivery
    • Substantial reduction in time to prepare information products
  • Trusted location
    • Certainty that data is from an authoritative source, verified, and satisfies standards.

ANSIS is being developed through a collaboration between government, research organisations, industry, the private sector, and the community.


ANSIS data will be nationally consistent, standardised, easy use, and accessible through a trusted system – ANSIS will be the new place to find soil data and information.

­­ANSIS will enable you to make more informed decisions. This information can help you better understand and account for soil, ensuring Australia’s soil is sustainably managed and enhanced for future generations.