Consultative Group


Representatives of the Project Committee and each ANSIS Partner (e.g., Data Provider) and invited key stakeholders. Each ANSIS Partner or key stakeholder nominates one representative to the Consultative Group. These roles may be specified as per contractual agreements and/or through Terms of Reference.


Provide expert knowledge that informs the Project Coordination Team on strategic aspects of project design and delivery. These roles may or may not be funded through the ANSIS Project.


  • Provide consultative support, advice and recommendations to guide the overall strategic direction, governance and operation of ANSIS.
  • Advocate for ANSIS and communicate the benefits of ANSIS within their home organisations and professional networks.
  • Provide consultative support and recommendations to Project Activity Teams, via the Project Coordination Team ,about strategic aspects of ANSIS design and delivery, including:
    • The purpose and objectives of ANSIS.
    • Collective business processes that the ANSIS community will use.
    • Deployment and maintenance procedures for ANSIS – testing deployment, implementation plans as well as the governance apparatus.
    • Establishment of ANSIS roles.
    • Determining what constitutes acceptable data for sharing through ANSIS (high-level).

Meeting cycle

2 hours every month. Meeting items and outcomes/decisions minuted and distributed to ANSIS Project Coordination Team.

Key considerations

The Consultative Group will be involved in Stage 1 initial design considerations for ANSIS, while also co-developing robust governance arrangements to enable a successful implementation in Stage 2.